Nikolaus & Hohenadel, LLP represents individuals and business entities in all aspects and areas of residential and commercial real estate transactions throughout south central Pennsylvania. Our real estate attorneys will be able to advise you on real estate matters from agreements and related documents in the purchase and finance of your home to commercial transactions related to real estate development, commercial financing and construction.


Residential Real Estate:

Nikolaus & Hohenadel is an agent for two national title insurance companies and handles all aspects of the purchase, finance and re-finance of your home or investment property.


Our Services:  

We work with your realtor and/or bank financing representative to make sure that your home purchase experience is handled competently from the beginning of the sale/purchase transaction through final settlement and the recording of documents. Our attorneys also work with private buyers and sellers to prepare agreements and all necessary documentation for sale by owners transactions.

Our attorneys are well versed in preparing, reviewing and analyzing the necessary paperwork for the purchase of your real estate, including:

  • Agreements
  • Easements
  • Deed restrictions
  • Title searches
  • Financing documents


No Additional Settlement Fee:

As title insurance agents, Nikolaus & Hohenadel works with two national title insurance agencies in insuring the title to the buyer’s purchase from the seller. For the typical residential buyers, our costs are determined by the standard title insurance rates issued by the Pennsylvania Insurance Commission. Additionally, Nikolaus & Hohenadel does not charge any additional fees for the handling of the settlement for most general residential transactions. As the title insurance agent, Nikolaus & Hohenadel’s experienced real estate attorneys will be there to walk you through all levels of the transaction, including final settlement. The same is true with refinances, construction settlements and other financial transactions requiring title insurance. Please note that depending on the complexity of the sale there may be fees that are not waived; however, this will be determined on a case by case basis.


Commercial Real Estate and Development:

The real estate attorneys at Nikolaus & Hohenadel are also well versed in areas of commercial real estate and real estate development, and work closely with developers, builders, financial institutions, engineers, realtors, and related parties in the commercial real estate community. In addition, as title insurance agents, Nikolaus & Hohenadel is able to provide full title insurance services in commercial real estate transactions which may result in a reduction of fees when Nikolaus & Hohenadel issues the title insurance on these commercial and development transactions.

We work closely with our land planning and zoning and business attorneys in the firm to form a strong team in providing competent legal representation for our commercial clients.

Real Estate Attorneys:


Columbia Office


John F. Markel

Michael S. Grab

Nathan Saxton 

Christopher R. Grab


Elizabethtown Office


John M. Smith

Kevin D. Dolan

Jeffrey S. Shank


Lancaster Office


John P. Hohenadel

Matthew J. Creme, Jr.

Barbara Reist Dillon

John C. Hohenadel

Bernadette M. Hohenadel

Wanda S. Whare

Robert S. Cronin, Jr.